•  Picked up the bracelet yesterday.  It's lovely, many thanks.  £15 on customs, but worth it. -TC


•I love love love my new necklace!! Ordered it friday and it shipped to austin Texas by Monday! So happy with it. The packaging was so precious too!  -CO


•  I wanted to thank you so much for the great earrings. I will wear them with a big smile on my face. Made my day!!!! Sincerely, -JG


• Beautiful earring! will definitely be purchasing more in the future. -K


• Painting: My sister was so thrilled. Beautifully done. Beautifully presented. Thank you so much! k


• These little cartilage hoops were made as a special present to a special friend. The goldsmith and I discussed and fine tuned them over a period of a few weeks and I received regular updates and photos.The finished work was sent to me first class tracked and arrived within a week from sending. The packaging was touchingly beautiful and the hoops looked very special. Come Chanukah we will know what they look like in. I intend to commission further work from Chris later this year. -CBN


•  Painting: *** BREATHTAKING! Beautiful! Safely packaged. STUNNING. Highly recommend this artist! ***





Lovely Rainbow Fluorite Earrings

Red Flower Painting 9x12"

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• An impressionistic original painting of a Red Flower


• Fluorite Earrings, beautiful, elegant, gorgeous colors!


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